Friends of E.1027
Restoration Plans

In the late 1990s E.1027 began to attract the attention of a number of concerned individuals who made pilgrimages to the house to find it in desperately bad shape and in danger of total ruin. New York gallery owner Sandra Gering was one such visitor, and after a trip to the house in the summer of 1998 she decided to establish Friends of E.1027, which immediately set out on a campaign to raise funds for its purchase and restoration. In October of 1999, the house was successfully purchased by the township of Roquebrune-Cap Martin in conjunction with the Coastal Conservancy and was subsequently declared a National Monument by the French government. A gift of $10,000 from Friends of E.1027 was immediately put to use towards the first set of emergency repairs.

Friends of E.1027 remains in contact with the officials of Roquebrune Cap Martin as well as with the architects working on the house. Now that the emergency restorations have been completed, and an official report on the planned restoration has been approved by the state, preparations for the full restoration of E.1027 are set to begin in 2006. Along with interior and exterior structural repairs, the house will be refurbished with copies of its original textiles and furniture, or exact replicas where necessary. Initial estimates suggested that the restoration will take approximately three years to complete. Once completed the house will open as a museum. Plans are also underway for a contemporary design exhibition and study center to be located near the Eileen Gray villa.

The restoration of E.1027 is part of a larger restoration project headed by the French government involving the "Modern Site" of Cap Martin. E.1027 comprises the founding element of this site, which also includes Le Corbusier's cabin, his camping units, the "Étoile de Mer" restaurant, and the coastal area that surrounds these sites.

Friends of E.1027 is working to raise $150,000 to be used towards the full restoration of E.1027. To this end we are asking for contributions to help restore this icon of modern architecture. Please CLICK HERE to join our campaign to restore E.1027 to its original glory

Friends of E.1027